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Broussard Brothers offers many different types of construction services.
Listed below are some of the various types of jobs that Broussard Brothers routinely performs:

  • Marine Pipeline & Facility Construction including Repair & Maintenance (Up to 30’ depth)

  • Construction of any size and length of pipeline in the marsh, bays and shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico

  • Pipeline excavation, repair, lowering burial and hydrotesting

  • Caisson services

  • Installation of shallow water drilling locations including limestone pads,clusters and key ways

  • Complete well hook-ups, including the installation of inland platforms,shallow water jackets and decks

  • Installation of dock facilities with steel bulkheads and dolphin pilings

  • Bank stabilization such as rip-rap and cement mats

  • Dredging, levee construction which may require draglines mats or marsh buggy equipment.

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